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30.06.17  Paris Design Week : Prix du Jury Rado Star Prize 2017

For the seventh consecutive year, Paris Design and the watchmaker Rado are organizing the design competition Rado Star Prize. For this edition, the participants focused on the theme "Materials Technology". Following a careful selection, the jury rewards The once liquid plastic, an epoxy resin shelf made by Julien Manaira.


30.06.17  O-office Architects: Work Studio

Based in Guangzhou, China, O-Office Architects transforms an old 1 214 square-meter greenhouse into offices for a local landscape design company. The designers preserve the vegetal soul of the place by creating workspaces in the manner of winter gardens.

30.06.17  Museum of the Quai Branly: Aztec Hotel

Three years after the exhibition "Tiki Pop", the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac again called on the German-American exhibition curator Sven Kirsten. The Aztec Hotel, an exhibition revisiting the culture and iconography of the New World through archaeological works and creations from American popular culture at the beginning of the 20th century.

29.06.17  Frédéric K. Panni and Hugues Fontaine: The Familistère album

In 1858, industrialist Jean-Baptiste André Godin - creator of stoves of the same name - and son of rural artisans of the Aisne, developed a monumental project of habitation and place of life for the workers: the Familistère, In Guise (02). The history of this epic is minutely traced in this book soberly titled The album of Familistère.

28.06.17  MAC's: Summer Grand-Hornu

On the occasion of the summer program Summer Grand-Hornu, the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Grand-Hornu (MAC's) presents two simultaneous exhibitions dealing with the theme of fictitious space and architecture: "From scratch" Philippe de Gobert and "Models d'exposition" by the Flemish artist Wesley Meuris.

28.06.17  David Trubridge: Navicula

Inspired by diatoms - microscopic unicellular organisms living in the oceans - the Navicula suspension plunges us into the abyss and the aquatic universe of the New Zealand artist-designer David Trubridge.

27.06.17  Anonymous: Parking Vaisseau Mère

Following the cancellation of the surface parking lot of the Tour Bois le Prêtre in Paris (17e), which is destined to become a green space, the Parisian agency Anonymous was chosen to design an underground substitution of 3 000 square meters Which can accommodate more than 120 vehicles under the name of Mother Ships.

27.06.17  Proyectos Committee: Binomios

The Binomios lamp - binomials in French - produced by the Mexican design studio, Comité de Proyectos, is a contemporary reinterpretation of a natural phenomenon that has always been the result of the eponymous triptych made up of a coffee table and a flower pot. Fascinated civilizations, especially the Mayans.

26.06.17  Laisné Roussel: Pavillon des Fleurs

On the occasion of the first Architecture Biennale in Lyon (69), the Laisné Roussel agency, based in Paris, realizes the Pavillon des Fleurs, a poetic installation mixing sets of materials and volumes.

26.06.17  Vitra Design Museum: Together!

Between the housing crisis and changes in the forms of housing and living, it is difficult to define a model of a conventional place of life. These problems naturally inspire the architects but also the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein (Germany), which until the 10 september, the exhibition "Together! Die Neue Architektur des Gemeinschaft "-" the new architecture of the collective ", in French.

26.06.17  Studio Razavi Architecture: Chalet in Manigod

Not far from the ski resort of La Clusaz, the architects of Studio Razavi agency deliver a shelter of 200 square meters spread over three levels. A reinterpretation of the vernacular codes of the Manigod valley cottage (74).

23.06.17  NGNP Arquitectos: CID

At the heart of the hilly landscape of the small town of Calamonte (Spain), the Sevillian architects of the NGNP Arquitectos studio realize the CID, an all-encompassing building designed to decentralize part of the activities of the General Council.

23.06.17  Raphael Zarka x Carhartt WIP x Isle Skateboards: Paving Space

The practice of skateboarding is inseparable from architecture, and more broadly from the built environment. But what happens when art is involved? This gives Paving Space, where design and skateboarding unite in an evolving project.

23.06.17  Artdesk Group: Village Artdesk

Specializing in the layout of workspaces, Artdesk Group had to evolve in original and exemplary premises. The company, founded by Jean-Claude and Nicolas Paugam in 2003, has redesigned the 600 square meters of its headquarters, nicknamed the Village Artdesk, where open workstations and relaxing corners mingle.