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02.03.17  The 2017 Winners: Culture

Culture category rewards the most acclaimed architectural works in the field of museums and exhibition spaces, conservatories and libraries, halls of concerts and entertainment, cultural and associative areas, and rehabilitation / restructuring. extracurricular-associative sector in Brittany, Contemporary Glass Museum in the north, former leper colony turned into a municipal hall in Burgundy ... discover the selection of writing and its readers.


02.03.17  The 2017 Winners: Interior

The Interior category recognizes outstanding works of interior architecture design of offices, shops, hotels, residence or dining options. Discover the winners of the Interior 2017 category!


02.03.17  The 2017 Winners: Sport & Health

Sport-Health category rewards architectural projects in hospitals, nursing homes, and sports centers. Discover 2017 winners of the category!


27.02.17  S-AR Casa 9x20

Located on the outskirts of Mexico City, a former industrial area has been converted into a subdivision 70 homes. With its main facade adorned with a graphic stack of cinder blocks, Casa 9x20 of the Mexican agency S-AR breaks the repetitive pattern created by the houses of the neighborhood designed by the same manufacturer.

27.02.17  Zaven: The Athletes

In collaboration with Nike, creative studio designed Zaven The Athletes, a series of lights with organic lines, inspired by the movement of the top athletes.

24.02.17  Federico Babina: Archiatric

After ARCHITALE series, architectural representation of fairy tales in the image of Cinderella, or ARCHISUTRA evocative name, Italian illustrator Federico Babina is endeavoring to new challenges: bringing to psychiatric disorders architectural figures.

24.02.17  Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman: SkinnySCAR

Built on a narrow plot of 3,40m wide by 20m depth between two buildings, home of Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman revitalizes old Rotterdam district from the early twentieth. With its coating of brown brick, the facade of the house skinny integrates with neighboring houses decked the same material.

23.02.17  Gary Schlingheider: 30mm

The concept of simplification questions and influences the work of the German artist Gary Schlingheider exposed at the Graduate show in the University of the Arts Berlin. Formed pure steel, its sculptural series 30mm materializes seven flat pieces with curved or straight edges, offering even abstract geometric replay of everyday objects.

22.02.17  AJAP 2016: The exhibition catalog

The catalog of the exhibition dedicated to the winners of 20 2016 AJAP is available in bookstores. Go to City of Architecture & Heritage 28 February to April 9 2017 to get acquainted with the production of this new promotion. The exhibition will then start roaming in France until the proclamation of the winners of the 2018 edition, and abroad through the French Institute network.

22.02.17  Dickson Woven Flooring

essential element of the interior decoration, the floor creates the mood of a room. His life should be as long as possible and easy maintenance. His choice is therefore decisive: color, material ... Woven soil Dickson® bring relief and perspective. Developed for the most demanding environments - offices, hotels, shops and restaurants - the Dickson® floors adapt to any space and are used to create elegant ambiences, welcoming and original.

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