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29.03.17  Zimoun: Mechanical Lifts

After traveling the world, the United States to Croatia, via Chile or Switzerland - the country of origin - the architect / musician Zimoun landed in France. It puts a foot in CENTQUATRE as resident artist for an exhibition both sound and architecture. A pleasure for both the eyes and the ears: welcome to the world of ski lifts.

28.03.17  Alexandra Kehayoglou: Hand-Tufts Carpeted Landscapes

The Argentine designer Alexandra Kehayoglou realizes handmade sculptural carpet on the theme of nature, combining art and crafts. To do this, it uses as raw material falls of the son of El Espartano textile factory owned by his family.

28.03.17  Mailitis Architects: The Shaolin Monks Flying Theater

The origin of martial arts dates back to the famous Shaolin Temple, founded in the fifth century in Henan province (China). It is in the same region, the heart of a forest of giant cypresses and side of the Songshan Mountain, the tradition continues with a metal and steel theater performed by the Latvian agency Mailitis Architects who reinterprets terrain surrounding landscape.

27.03.17  MoederscheimMoonen Architects: P + R Station Zutphen

The municipality of Zutphen (Netherlands) integrates its former industrial area Noorderhaven outdoor parking for the users of the railway station. The P + R complex, designed by the Dutch agency MoederscheimMoonen Architects 375 offers parking for cars and bikes 600 slots.

24.03.17  Arches Valley Villa

A few kilometers from the capital Vilnius, the Lithuanian agency Arches installs Valley Villa, inspired by the nearby forest with an irregular gabled roof, echoing the contours of the site and an untreated wood siding evoking the surrounding conifers.

23.03.17  Arturo Alvarez Coral Collection

Inspired by coral reefs, Coral suspensions Collection designer and Spanish artist Arturo Alvarez bloom and light up poetically.

23.03.17  Snarkitecture: The Beach

On the occasion of its 20 years, colette invests the prestigious Museum of Decorative Arts until March 25. In the image of freshness and originality of the items offered for sale in 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris (1er), the shop offers visitors here to return to childhood with a giant ball pool. A facility to practice without restriction of age!

23.03.17  Konieczny: Ark House

Protection is a redundant theme in the work of the architect Konieczny. After performing in 2009 The Safe House, real safes habitable, he designed the stunning Ark House on the slopes of the Polish countryside with a desire to reconcile security and maximum openness to the outside to enjoy the picturesque view.

22.03.17  Sunshine PR: Ding Hui Yuan Zen & Tea Chamber

Sunshine PR architecture firm transformed an old factory from 1970 in a lounge teas, Ding Hui Yan Zen & Tea Chamber, located in the city of Beijing (China). Project managers are focusing their design project around meditation, traffic flows and the delimitation of spaces.

22.03.17  Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY: Under Magnitude

The French architect Marc Fornes, based in New York and founder of THEVERYMANY agency has delivered Magnitude Under a suspended structure installed in the atrium of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando (USA). As usual, he made an organic sculpture whose design is based entirely on computers.

21.03.17  Hérault Arnod Architects: International City Paul Ricoeur

At the heart of the Breton capital, Grenoble Hérault Arnod Architects agency deliver the Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur. Focus on a building over 7 000 square meters housing four separate programs in a harmonious setting.

21.03.17  Studioparisien: Yoko Exchange

The gourmet Black Code Group has partnered for the second time the duo of architects Studioparisien to dress its new canteen, Yoko Exchange, located in the district of Paris 3e. In the restaurant, the Japanese lines coexist and upset the codes of traditional French brasserie which they metamorphose discreetly furniture.

20.03.17  Marcus Voraa: Roll-out table

For the Table Roll-out, the designer Marcus Voraa graduate of the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (Norway) questioned the concept of modularity and usability of this iconic piece of furniture.

17.03.17  Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon néotonie Institute for the end of work

On the occasion of its tenth edition, the Biennale of Saint Etienne has chosen to focus on the theme of labor changes. United under the banner of "Working Promise", exhibitions and installations presented in IN and OFF of the event offer a transversal reading - sometimes prospective, artistic or realistic - this topic.