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08.02.18  Massproductions : Rose Chair

On the occasion of the Stockholm Design Week of Swedish capital, the young local furniture brand Massproductions presents Rose, a chair designed by its designer and co-founder Chris Martin. Made of laminated wood, the wide-curved seat answers many technical challenges.

07.02.18  Tom Blachford: Nihon Black

Tokyo, Japan, artistic muse. From Gaspar Noé to Sofia Coppola, the luminous contrasts offered by the Japanese metropolis fascinate, inspire and plunge us into a futuristic, almost unreal world. The photographs of the Australian artist Tom Blachford are no exception and immerse us in this cinematic Tokyo neon bright and unique tones.

07.02.18  Yiduan Shanghai International Design: Shandao Restaurant

In a former tertiary building, the Chinese architecture firm Yiduan Shanghai International Design is developing the Shandao, a restaurant where each table has its own atmosphere. Combining raw concrete and bamboo walls, this transformation plunges us into a dark and solemn atmosphere.

06.02.18  BIO-architects: DD16

Lovers of unusual housing? The studio BIO-architects will delight all fans of new experiences with its compact modular home prototype designed to take place in the most remote places, where housing usually does not belong.

06.02.18  Walters & Cohen Architects: Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat

Escape the stress of work, the subway and life in general, a few hours from Paris by train? With the realization of the agency Walter & Cohen Architects in the Suffolk region (England), it is now possible. Indeed, she imagined a place of Buddhist retreat, lost in the countryside. The key words of this cloister? Luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

05.02.18  Clap: Little Stories

To give a strong identity to their shoe store located in Valencia (Spain), the owners of Little Stories have appealed to the young design studio Clap. Punctuated with funny cylinders and pop colors, the commercial space takes on the air of a playground.

05.02.18  PPA, scalene architects and AFA + 3A Composites: Residence Olympe de Gouges

The residence Olympe de Gouges, composed of 600 student housing designed by agencies PPA, scalene architects and AFA is adorned with 11 000 square meters of ALUCOBOND® aluminum composite panels. The exterior façades and courtyards are coated with ALUCOBOND® A2, for the common parts in narrow vertical frames from R + 1 to R + 7.

02.02.18  Oeco architects: Espace culturel Guy Môquet

A few months ago, at the entrance of Cabestany (66), in a dull urban area mixing residences, shops and public facilities, appeared a strange geometric concrete building. Designed by Toulouse studio Oeco architects, the cultural space Guy Môquet offers a place of expression to young people in the area, while establishing itself as a new emblem of the neighborhood.

02.02.18  Nendo et Zens: Picto, Chirp et Stone

Presented in the latest edition of MAISON & OBJET, the three collaborations of the Japanese design studio nendo and the Chinese tea brand Zens reflect the achievements of Oki Sato, founder of the agency: delicate, refined and poetic.

01.02.18  LYCS Architecture : Greenwich Meridian

In a shopping mall in Hangzhou (China), the Chinese studio LYCS Architecture realizes the sales area of ​​the ChicBus brand specializing in I-Tech products. A futuristic atmosphere with contrasts.

01.02.18  Leandro Erlich: Under the sky

Iconic store of the French capital, the Bon Marché welcomes until the 18 February the exhibition "Under the sky" of the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. A carte blanche that gives rise to amazing installations, offering the Parisian commercial gallery an ethereal and poetic atmosphere.

31.01.18  Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects : Appartement 402

At 4e floor of a concrete tower located in the heart of the bustling Shibuya district of Tokyo (Japan), the local agency Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects realizes the renovation of a studio of 34 square meters for a couple. A haven of peace with a minimalist layout that inspires tranquility, far from the hectic surroundings.

31.01.18  Event: Globes Exhibition

From the beginning, men have imagined and sought to illustrate what was beyond the horizon, declining our planet in a flat shape, then dome, and finally sphere in the seventeenth century. The 2D then became 3D. A change so radical that it could not have escaped the architects who seized it in their projects. A fascination that the City of Architecture and Heritage of Paris (16e) offers to rediscover through the exhibition "Globes".

30.01.18  Francisco Mangado: Congress Palace and Hotel

Facing the sea, along the main ring road of Palma de Mallorca (Spain), the Basque master builder Francisco Mangado delivers the city's convention center and luxury hotel. Composed of two buildings with distinct architectural writings connected by a footbridge, the complex offers visitors generous exhibition spaces and rest as well as an unobstructed view of the ocean.

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