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25.05.17  Heneghan Peng: Palestinian Museum

The Irish studio Heneghan Peng realizes the Palestinian Museum in the town of Birzeit in the west of the territory. The building is a tribute to the local culture, both by its programming and its layout.

24.05.17  Andreas Gruber: UA House

Inspired by the relief of the Eisack valley in South Tyrol (Italy), architect Andreas Gruber designs UA House, a monolithic house, all dressed in concrete, with a breathtaking view of the Plose summit and the Valley of Val Gardena.

24.05.17  Snøhetta: Hunter Bar

The Hunter Bar, designed by the Norwegian agency Snøhetta, takes place in the new international terminal at Oslo Airport (Norway), where it serves as a refuge for travelers wishing to relax in a relaxed atmosphere between two flights.

23.05.17  Edoardo Tresoldi: Archetipo

At the request of the royal family of Abu Dhabi, the Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi, in collaboration with the studio DesignLab Experience, realizes Archetipo, a collection of architectural elements made from metal wires.

23.05.17  Xavier Veilhan: Studio Venezia

On the occasion of the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice, the French pavilion presents a new face, whose paternity belongs to the French visual artist Xavier Veilhan. For this project, the venue becomes, during the fair, a music studio and a sculpture in full merging the arts.

22.05.17  Bonte & Migozzi Architects: Kget

The architects of Bonte & Migozzi designed Kget, an entirely wooden dwelling, from structure to cladding, on an abrupt ground, offering an exceptional panorama of the Mediterranean. Set on stilts, this house allows its tenants to enjoy a green landscape and a breathtaking view of the sea.

22.05.17  Nendo Studio: Invisible Outlines

Under the direction of Oki Sato, the Japanese studio nendo is gradually emerging as one of the great names of design, with creations as poetic as delicate. For the exhibition "Invisible Outlines" presented at the Grand-Hornu (Belgium), the collective is interested in the contours of objects and their various manipulations, dealing in particular with the relationship between shadow and light.

19.05.17  THAD CHCC: Experimental structure

In central China, in Sichuan Province, the cliffs of Qianfoya contain a national treasure dating from 1 700 years: some 400 caves carved in the rock and their 1 700 statues of Buddhas. To protect this exceptional heritage, a transdisciplinary team of the Institute of Research and Architectural Design of the University of Tsinghua has developed an experimental structure designed to minimize its footprint on this fragile site.

19.05.17  Stelios Mousarris: Wave City Coffee Table

The Cypriot artist Stelios Mousarris designs Wave City, a coffee table inspired by the cult scene of the city of Paris falling back on itself, resulting from the film Inception by Christopher Nolan. A spectacular visual effect that the designer has managed to reproduce faithfully in furniture.

19.05.17  BLOCK architects: THE STAR

L'ÉTOILE (Espaces et Technologies Ouverts for Innovation in Laboratories and Enterprises), designed by the BLOCK agency in Nantes, aims to connect researchers and students from the Mines-Télécom Institute (IMT) D'Évry Val de Seine with young entrepreneurs.

18.05.17  Beomsik Won: ArchiSculpture Photo Project

Designer buildings without architect, collages assembly in three dimensions without sculptor and amateur photographer, Korean Won Beomsik is a singular artist. His field: the manipulation of photographs to create dreamlike and surreal architectures ArchiSculpture Photo Project.

18.05.17  Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects: Center for Jewish Life

Hidden behind a coating of red brick typical of the region, the Center for Jewish Life takes place on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia (USA). Designed by architect Stanley Saitowitz agency Notma Architects based in San Francisco, the building was conducted in order to gather a community through meetings, learning sessions and ceremonies.

17.05.17  Le Lieu Unique: Megastructures

Only a few days to visit the exhibition "Megastructures, Size the future, the figures of excess", presented at the Lieu Unique in Nantes (44). An event organized on the occasion of 40 years the Pompidou Center, the building itself is a mega-structure. Back on architecture and philosophy that marked the 1960 years.

17.05.17  Capella Garcia Mextizo Restaurant

Alliance Spain and Mexico, Barcelona restaurant Mextizo rhymes quality cuisine with comfortable and contemporary setting. Designed by the Catalans Capella Garcia, this mecca of gastronomy plays with natural light and textures, combining five atmospheres, always warm.