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11.02.16  Pavillon de l'Arsenal: Considering Calais

Second Tuesday, from 18:30 to 20:30, PERU installs his "Public Workshop" at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal. These meetings are an opportunity to share about the "Jungle of Calais", this city in the making, to imagine new urban forms and thus develop the terms and actions of a renewed policy of the hospitality.

11.02.16  EV + A architettura Lab Workshop: CASA Vi

Located near Sondrio, in the heart of the Italian Alps, a small refuge stands at over 1000 meters altitude. The agency EV + A Lab has transformed a ruined stone mountainside in a modern and sustainable cottage, overlooking the valley.

10.02.16  COBE: Kindergarten Frederiksvej

Officially opened on 4 February, the kindergarten of Frederiksvej in Denmark was designed by COBE, following a call for project supported by the municipality. The concept of the architects was to create a village for children, breaking down the traditional institutions on a large scale and visually detached from the Danish urban habitat in general.

09.02.16  MoreDesignOffice: Folded Apartment

Find an apartment in the center of Shanghai is very difficult; acquire a spacious and affordable at the same time seems impossible. The Office Moredesign agency meets this challenge by developing a small area a modular housing that combines openness and privacy.

09.02.16  Kevin Daly Architects: Backyard BI (h) OME

Following the call to Los Angeles Mayor's project to build 100,000 new homes by 2021, Kevin Daly Architects associated CityLab UCLA has designed the Backyard BI (h) OME. The designers have turned away from the race for vacant land to develop a space potential underestimated: the backyard. The project is dwelling very contemporary and light, the design, manufacture, like the use illustrate a concept of sustainability.

09.02.16  Wicona R'Pure: New Orleans hospital

Group 6 sign the new hospital of Orleans. The architecture of the project accompanies the scale of its program through a volume defined strata. Complex technical and sanitary requirements of the project and its site have been partly solved with the use of a window "breathable" of Wicona manufacturer.


08.02.16  Loft Szczecin: Residence for Gumience

The architecture studio Loft Szczecin conducted inside a century-old house has recently undergone major expansion and modernization work.

08.02.16  Álvaro Siza Vieira + + Aresta GOP: Theatre - Auditorium Llinars del Valles

The architect Álvaro Siza joined the Arista Studio Arquitectura GOP and to build public auditorium Llinars del Vallès, 40 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. The cultural and multi-purpose program is housed within a sleek architecture, dressed in a skin of red brick.

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