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16.01.17  of a magazine ranking of 300 architectures agencies according to their turnover

Each year the magazine publishes a ranking of 300 French architectural firms according to their declared turnover. This annual list allows primarily to contextualize the profession in the French economy and observe the changes in the profession. Agencies are substantial economic players who have adapted their lifestyle to environmental constraints. Lack of public procurement and competition ever increasing demand for architects to perpetually reinvent itself.

16.01.17  Lea Hein & Magnus Pettersen: Project 01

At the border between art and design, 01 Project is a collaboration between the designer and artist Lea Hein Magnus Pettersen. The two designers have imagined all 12 structural objects whose shape and composition override functionality.

16.01.17  CBS Studio Playa Man

Designed and built in two weeks on a beach in the Galapagos Islands, The Scarcity and Creativity Studio - SCS - book a beach architecture made of bamboo. The pavilion provides shade for swimmers and onlookers and houses some showers.

16.01.17  Marc Mogas: Forest Cottage

Covered with raw pine cladding, cottage Marc Mogas, was thought to best integrate the wooded slopes of the Spanish Pyrenees. The architect has designed a functional accommodation in three modules for easy transport and incorporate without altering the site. Mogas has composed several constraints, a limited budget and a lack of access to land.

16.01.17  Thomas Dumoulin: The Anchor

The designer Thomas Dumoulin has designed a coffee table hot rolled steel. Inspired facades and characteristic proportions of the Bauhaus table manages to maintain, thanks to the discrete mass of its base, a wooden tray cantilever.

16.01.17  Dan Yeffet: Segment

Dan Yeffet Design Studio Segment conceptualized as an ode to the world of jewelry.

16.01.17  MAP Architects: Kalø Tower Visitor Access

In Denmark, the proposed MAP Architects combines historical and contemporary action all through a complex spatial experience and geometric. The project reveals an inaccessible place left for ruin and student visitors to high points where the landscape becomes a spectacle.

11.01.17  Wild Agency Buzz: Black SuperMarket

Formerly emblem of overconsumption, this large area located in the Parisian center will soon be reinvested as a place of temporary artistic life. This retraining embodies the rejection of mass culture and the desire to reconnect with the principles of uniqueness and expression.

11.01.17  David Dworkind Super Quality Indian Bar

Canada's David Dworkind captured the essence of Indian culture and recreate in this small restaurant located in the streets of Montreal.

09.01.17  4e editing ArchiDesignClub Awards: Opening of votes

For this edition of 4ème ArchiDesignclub Awards, writing Muuuz selected 100 projects with architecture and interior design. The event, which values ​​the dynamics of architectural creation in France, presents the achievements of young designers as established talents in their diverse contexts, budgets and resources.



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