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30.11.15  Alicja Prussakowska: Mizu

Originating in Poland and formed in Kraków, Krakow, the young designer Alicja Prussakowska Mizu innovates and presents a hybrid modular shelf with shifting curves. His lines inspired wave after wave of the set and the desired exposure.

30.11.15  Arnaud Lapierre: Streaking

Arnaud Lapierre, known for his poetic design, refined and sensitive streak imagined: a chair designed for both outside and inside. It is available either in brass or chrome.

30.11.15  Nathanael Dorent + Mark Havasi: Spiral House

At the heart of the subdivision of a village of Calvados, two architects expressed frankly a new interpretation of the house. Its architecture stands in opposition to the generic system organizing the surrounding plots. It formalizes along axes and biases own architectural site and wishes of its future inhabitants.

30.11.15  De Rosee His Architects: The Woodland Cabin

At the edge of a wood, where the village of New Belgium seems to end and be combined with nature, the architect Max Rosee recently delivered a cabin of 35 square meters. The autoconstruit project developed at the edge of a pond using local wood.

30.11.15  Jana Revedin: City Rebel, Democratizing the urban project

At the time of the urgency of the development of architecture and sustainable city, this book contains the manifest of architects worldwide, winners of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, questioning the model of functionalism based unlimited exploitation of resources and often too authoritarian spatial planning.

30.11.15  ArtCOP21 Cities Potential

COP21 in full, potential Cities, architecture and Anthropocene aims to reflect on the architectural and urban imaginary convene climate change. Thirty young architects and some of their tutelary figures participate in this event and agree to work to think about the city in the age of the Anthropocene. 30 models, 64 original drawings and 90 reference images are trying to restore this imaginary.

30.11.15  DeltaLight: Metronome

Inspired by the world of fashion and beauty shows, the Metronome collection offers a series of lamps suspended from the sharpened and customizable geometry. The silhouette of the lamps is designed by a cascade of slats offering their body a play between light and shadow.

30.11.15  The Experience Climate: The Exhibition solutions for changing times

The COP21, held in Paris, is not confined to Bourget, it will leave its mark in Paris. The nave of the Grand Palais opens transformed into an exhibition space called The Climate Experiment 4 to 10 December. Many artists will present their perspectives on the environment with works directly related to this universal subject and become urgent, lectures and debates are also scheduled accompanied by clear and accessible desired exposures.

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