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25.10.16  Estis: Scope

Faced with the constraints of Parisian apartments, the studio Estis this range, a scalable and customizable furniture made in France to accommodate turntables and vinyl collections.

24.10.16  Christian Heikoop: Slip

In collaboration with ECCO Leather, Dutch designer Christian Heikoop has created a series of furniture inspired by assembling tents. So he created a singular aesthetic and plays with this retro idea of ​​camping. The rooms have been designed to be easily and quickly installed without tools.

24.10.16  Studio Mumbai: MPavillon 2016

26 kilometers of rope, 50 7 tons of stone and bamboo kilometers were necessary to achieve the MPavillon this year. Between an ancestral and contemporary material composition, the architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai who is behind the project.

24.10.16  Erbar Mattes: Harvey Road

Erbar Mattes realizes the rehabilitation of a small house in London belonging to a family of four. The architect reveals brick and consists lighting moods of the place from materials approximating the existing. The other composition challenge was to redefine the report on the ground floor with adjoining garden, the project opens in its direction.

24.10.16  plusminusarchitects: framehouse

The architects of the Slovak agency plusminusarchitects realized within the project of a post-production studio in the center of Bratislava. 145 m² on two floors and play between a minimalist design and a palpable materiality. "Call words are wood, concrete and a bit of metal."

24.10.16  Nendo: Rolling workspace

Nendo will present at the next edition of Orgatec a new facility designed for the Japanese publisher Kokuyo. The Japanese studio has decided to work on the topic of the whiteboard where the felts take notes and organize work. The project redefines the mobile object and gives thanks to an itinerant basis.

24.10.16  Archi-Union: She Chi

Inspired by the Chinese building tradition, a brick shell draped facade of the new exhibition of a group of artists from Shanghai. Its undulating movements are created and inspired by a traditional Chinese equipment. Originality of the project: the implementation of this wall was performed using a robot programmed for the occasion.

24.10.16  Niclas Jørgensen: Stadium Light

Straddling between Berlin and Copenhagen Niclas Jørgensen, a young Danish designer, has designed two lamps consist of a brass structure with twelve luminous spheres brushed glass.

20.10.16  Frédéric Saulou: Frustrated + Narcisse

From specific research and production from the Angevin slate, two new pieces join the collection of the designer Frédéric Harnessing Saulou. Narcisse frustrates and exploit the rock and offering a coffee table and a mirror borne mineral character.

19.10.16  Interieur Biennale: Designer of the Year

Vincent Van Duysen was born in 1962 Lokeren between Ghent and Antwerp in Belgium. From the beginning he showed great interest in interior design. Architect, his first orders revolve around topics of interior fittings and is found soon to design furniture. This year the Kortrijk Interieur Biennale puts him in the spotlight and has appointed Designer of the Year, a space at the heart of the show to discover his world.

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