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04.05.16  Álvaro Siza + Alison and Peter Smithson: Column + Obelisk

Two sculptures: a column designed by Álvaro Siza and an obelisk designed by Alison and Peter Smithson. Placed Shatwell, England, are two works that stand and question the relationship between landscape, architecture and sculpture.

03.05.16  Gardens Garden: Urban Landscapes at the heart of future solutions

Gardens in one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris: the Tuileries. The new edition of Gardens Garden, literally gardens within a garden, will be held Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday 5th June 2016. The theme this year will cultivate the art of nature in the city to offer new perspectives and reveal green solutions for urban landscapes of tomorrow.

03.05.16  Dmitry Kozinenko: squama

In the prototype, the latest creation of Dmitry Kozinenko is a bookshelf. On the wall, several metal bands extend from ample manner and contain a series of wooden planks offered to books and small items.

02.05.16  EO arquitectura Apartment Borrell

In Barcelona's Eixample district, west of Plaça de Catalunya and the Barri Gotic, not metamorphosis not. Borrell The project is an example where its designers, EO arquitectura, decompartmentalise the apartment to better expand the living. The main objective was to open spaces to give them more light.

02.05.16  Charles Kalpakian: Hawa

Between France and Lebanon, Charles Kalpakian declines Hawa screen published by Dar in Art. The designer was inspired by motifs from the decorative arts and Arabic calligraphy, it passes the filter of urban and contemporary cultures.

02.05.16  Falke Svatun & Bjørn van den Berg: Aerial

Presented as a prototype in Milan this year, Aerial is the result of collaboration between Norwegian designers Falke Svatun and Bjørn van den Berg. Since a massive foot granite lamp rises gracefully and suspends a hemisphere with light.

02.05.16  Nendo: trace-collection

Slam a door, close closet, open a drawer ... Every day we are moving objects and furniture, the time for a moment. With record-collection, the designers studio Nendo imagine a series of furniture and fixtures they reveal the imprint of gestures.

02.05.16  Romero Silva Arquitectos: Taller in the Cuidad

At the heart of a wealthy municipality of Santiago, the studio Romero Silva Arquitectos imagine the workshop of an architecture student. Perched on the roof of their residence, the project meets the needs of its owners with speed, economy and lightness.

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