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08.02.16  Loft Szczecin: Residence for Gumience

The architecture studio Loft Szczecin conducted inside a century-old house has recently undergone major expansion and modernization work.

08.02.16  Álvaro Siza Vieira + + Aresta GOP: Theatre - Auditorium Llinars del Valles

The architect Álvaro Siza joined the Arista Studio Arquitectura GOP and to build public auditorium Llinars del Vallès, 40 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. The cultural and multi-purpose program is housed within a sleek architecture, dressed in a skin of red brick.

08.02.16  Tal Engel: Otaku

The designer Tal Engel, has designed a bath inspired Asian traditional boat building techniques. Bamboo seal body provides its volume with water, it is suspended from a thin metal structure.

08.02.16  Thomas de Lussac: Table square Roots

Inspired by the dream world of fairy tales where forests come alive, the Roots square table combines nature with an everyday object. In an extract from the forest tree trunk, designer and cabinet makers delicately grafted a wooden tray and turns it into a table.

08.02.16  Lena Plaschke: Work Shift

Shift work is a contemporary secretary imagined by the young designer Lena Plaschke. When it is closed it becomes a diffuse light lamp. The workspace is transformed and is hidden under a streamlined structure that moves up and down.

08.02.16  Alucobond®: Ilot Saint Joseph

As part of the conversion of the former St. Joseph prison, the architects wanted the architecture contemporary elements arises and stands out from the base that form the walls. Some are dressed Alucobond® facade panels.


08.02.16  Roca: Ferrié Eiffel Tower Pavilion

The Moatti-Rivière architectural firm was selected to redevelop contemporarily the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. It was for the monument to better accommodate its visitors while meeting current standards, particularly in terms of accessibility and reducing the environmental footprint. Prescribed health are provided by the manufacturer Roca.


08.02.16  Wienerberger, Terca Baccarat: Ourcq Jaurès

The House of Beauvais Solidarity is adorned with a skin of brick Terca Wienerberger manufacturer Baccarat. This smooth solid brick of sharp edges to intense red color. Usually perforated, architects have to realize the project needs a full version with special dimensions.



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