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05.12.16  Ronny Buarøy: Lykke

The Norwegian designer Ronny Buarøy imagines and produces his pieces himself, one of his latest creations is a suspended luminaire where wooden pieces come together on their edges and give the illusion of a flaking skin. The light is thus more diffuse almost filtered through these pieces of wood.

05.12.16  Cuatro Cuatros: Half

Spanish designers studio Cuatro Cuatros sign Half: a chair combining and juxtaposing precise and delicate manner to its neighbors. The goal was to create seating rows pure and clear design.

05.12.16  Ifdesign: Wigglyhouse

The Wigglyhouse is the proposed home of a family in a village in the Como region of Italy. Storey residential tries to save his openings and protect privacy against its neighbors in building one or two floors. So his plan creates sheltered patios looks and a singular volume.

05.12.16  CAPD: Loft House

The project of the Loft House is that of a large box sheltering others. The second are those that create intimate spaces of the house. Completely new, the project nevertheless takes the codes of lofts, the surface of the rooms is an accessible floor space and provides continuity to the living areas.

05.12.16  Nendo: Cartoonist desk

The studio Nendo has created an office for a famous Japanese manga artist. The office is flexible and its design followed the wishes and needs of its future user.

30.11.16  Warc Studio: Lean to house

At Oakleigh, a suburb of Melbourne, the architects of Studio Warc conducted the extension of a house of 1960 years. Reflection of contemporary habits, the project adds a broad continuous living space including living room and an open kitchen. A new facade and completely opens the home garden.

30.11.16  Made by Michael: Töjbox

Töjbox is a wardrobe designed by the Danish studio Made by Michael Woud to the editor. Through a decidedly Scandinavian furniture line adapts to any type of use. Its main features are not to use any screws or glue and ask simply to equilibrium against a wall.

29.11.16  Nadadora: Tortuga

The design studio Barcelona Nadadora imagined a swivel armchair inspired by the cocoon formed by the turtle shells. The chair comes with an ottoman and a side table, they are published by the Spanish Sancal.

28.11.16  ArchiDesignClub 2017 Awards: Official Selection

The 4e edition of ADC Awards will take place Wednesday March 1 2017er at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental Paris Opera. It will reward the architectural achievements delivered between January 1er 2015 and 31 2016 December. Today, writing Muuuz magazine reveals the selection of projects to be submitted as of next January 9 vote of the professional community and evaluation boards experts.

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28.11.16  Christien Meindertsma: Flax Flesh

The designer Christien Meindertsma developed a fully biodegradable chair. The seat is made of flax fiber combined with PLA: polylactic acid also not harmful to the environment.

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