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25.07.14  Izquierdo Lehmann: Villa à Vitacura

A Vitacura Chile, the architectural firm Izquierdo Lehmann has made this amazing house overlooking the Andes. An individual dwelling which offers a breathtaking panorama of surroundings, especially since the pool and outdoor lounge nestled in a circular patio.

25.07.14  Nicolas Abdelkader: Table Léa

NAB-Design studio he had just founded, Lyon designer Nicolas Abdelkader imagined the "Léa Table", a coffee table made of solid oak structure and a multilayer plated tray white melamine.

24.07.14  Jouin Manku Agency: The priory of the abbey of Fontevraud

World Heritage by UNESCO, Fontevraud Abbey welcomes in its priory "Fautevraud Hotel" and "Fontevraud Restaurant". Two spaces designed by Jouin Manku the Agency gives us his contemporary vision while respecting the history of the place.

24.07.14  José Lévy : Jungle Wash

For the Italian manufacturer Up Group, the designer José Levy designed "Jungle Wash", a collection of elements of bathroom green marble inspired by nature and component shelves, sink, faucet , a mirror, a folding stool and even a toothbrush.

23.07.14  Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes: La Passerelle Mont-Saint-Michel

The agency Dietmar Feichtinger Architects has delivered "Gateway Mont-Saint-Michel", a project of bridge between the medieval town of Mont-Saint-Michel to the mainland. 760 meters long, it winds in the bay and replaces the old massive floor while restoring the insular character of Mt.

23.07.14  EhoEho Studio : One-High Table

Founded by designer Endri Hoxha, Canadian EhoEho studio has designed the "One-High Table", an elegant desk perched on an inspired hairpins base. Raw wood desk with multiple storage spaces, which reveals a clever criminal briefcase or reviewed.

23.07.14  Andreas Enge Deceit: Blom

Fontana Arte, the Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik imagined the table lamp "Blom". Small size and very colorful, this fixture is inspired by flowers and their petals to guide light. Around the diffuser milky white polyethylene, polycarbonate colored petals rotate about their axis to direct the luminous flux.

22.07.14  Topos Architecture: Space Children-Associations in Brest

At Brest, in Pontanézen district, Nantes agency Topos Architecture has delivered space-Childhood Associations, equipment which nestles at the foot of a set of towers dating from the 60s and that energizes and renews the image of Neighborhood.

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